Because not everything revolves around the hammock and there is a lot of good and magic that we love in classical yoga – I invite you to the mat!

Under the watchful eye, accurate finger and precise words of mine, we will strengthen, stretch and relax our bodies. First, calmer, in line with the breath, to finally smoothly move to more dynamic and flow sequences. Yoga likes movement! And the tired body is more likely to enter the final relaxation and let the mind free itself…

Yoga on the mat is a class for everyone – those who are already practicing but also beginners focused on the will to learn, develop and a bit stronger, dynamic practice.
We will learn and improve basic yoga asanas, and then combine them into more dynamic and interesting sequences, slowly preparing the body for more difficult positions. Classes are based on classical Hatha yoga with elements of Vinyasa.

We will combine movement with breathing, strive to move smoothly from one position to another, discovering different variants of well-known asanas.


Wednesday and Friday, 5:00 – 6:15pm



We accept OK System/Medicover in these classes in our studio.


Signing up is necessary. Please contact me to enroll for the class or if you have any questions.

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