On TikTok – yoga sequences with moving music, on IG – your friends try to become world yoga influencers, on FB – your friends click “interested” in yoga events at sunset, and you still don’t know what’s all the hype about? What is all this yoga about?

A bit of stretching and dragging OMMMMs? Or maybe there is something more? Or maybe you will like it?

No expectations, at ease – come and check it out.

A new yoga group for beginners is starting at the Meli-Melo Academy. These will be gentle sequences and will suit any body.

You will learn basic asanas, or postures in yoga. You will work with your breath, strengthen and relax your body. At the end of each class, you will lie down on the mat for 10 minutes in peace. The aim of the classes is, first of all, better well-being and, secondly, fitness of the body.

We will combine movement with breathing, strive to move smoothly from one position to another, discovering different variants of well-known asanas.


Tuesday, 6:00 – 7:15pm



We accept OK System/Medicover in these classes in our studio.


Signing up is necessary. Please contact me to enroll for the class or if you have any questions.

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