My mission is to make people feel good with themselves and in their own body. I teach vinyasa yoga, aerial yoga, and dance in the air.

I’m a dietitian by education. I specialize in topics related to pregnancy – nutrition supporting fertility, optimal development of the fetus and breastfeeding. I like to cook and bake. I love to get to know other cuisines and prepare lighter versions of popular desserts. I promote a vegetarian and vegan diets and I teach how to take care of health “on plants”.

In my life, I focus to take care of a good relationship with myself and keeping myself open to other people. For years, I have been looking for meaning in life and I can talk on philosophical and existential topics for hours. I’m a podcast and personal development freak. However, I claim that wasting time is the best way to use it. I love nature and trips. I find meditation in folding the laundry and walking aimlessly.

I love yoga for how it changed my life. I believe that the role of a yoga teacher is not to teach yoga, but to create conditions for a person to discover yoga themselves. Helping others to go through this difficult path fulfills me.

I started my adventure with aerial sport in 2018. I found my greatest passion in a piece of fabric hanging from the ceiling. The improvisation in a hammock gives me the most joy and freedom. It also allows me to find newer and newer positions, transitions, and my beloved ones – drops.

During my classes, I pay special attention to the combination of movement and breathing, being present here and now, and listening to your own body. Physical strength built up while doing sports also translates into mental strength and seeing people discover how strong they are, this is what make me feel accomplished.