Awareness of breath and synchronizing breath and movement is what makes yoga, yoga.

Breath is the bridge which connects your body to your thoughts.

What are the benefits of paying extra attention to breathing during the yoga practice:

  • Enhanced focus and mental clarity – focusing on your inhales and exhales makes being in the here and now much easier. Lovely, fully present.
  • Decreased physiological and emotional stress – deep breathing increases activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. It allows a state of calm to appear in the entire body via muscle relaxation, blood pressure decrease, and more. When your physiological body is relaxed, your mental body is at peace too – and everything works better.
  • Boosted circulation, blood flow, and organ function up – taking in more oxygen means the heart and vital organs can function more efficiently
  • Improved safety-deep breathing can prevent injuries. When you breathe deeply, you signal to your body that you’re in safe space, so the muscles can unclench, which will make releasing into postures and poses safer.
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