• If you are thinking about starting an adventure with Aerial Yoga…
  • If you would like to try it and you do not know if you will like it…
  • If you are already attending classes, but some positions are still difficult for you, you would like to spend more time on them, understand better and familiarize yourself, to go forward…

One Sunday in Meli-Melo with Asia and me can solve these dilemmas!

I invite you to the next edition of the Aerial Fest – the Aerial Yoga workshops. I especially invite complete beginners, even if you have not had any contact with Aerial Yoga yet – the entire first module is for you, and the next one is begginer friendly.


22/08/2021, Sunday


– 11:00-13:00 Module 1. Introdution to Aerial Yoga
We invite everyone who has not yet had contact with the hammock and those who have already taken their first steps in it, but want to consolidate and tame these foundations. During this module, we will learn the basic holds and ways of working with the material: placing it on the body, entering it, standing, sitting, lying down. We will tame it’s impact on our movement apparatus and perception. We will slowly go through the basic positions of warming up, strengthening, stretching and relaxing. We will be confronted with gravity and its influence on us in various planes. We will learn how to exercise with partial support provided by a hammock, but also completely detached from the ground and in an inverted position. We will end the session with a relaxing drift in a hammock.

– 13:15-15:15 Module 2. Aerial strengthening and Aerial stretching
A module for both beginners and those who already practice Aerial, but want to work on strength and ranges. We will start with a more dynamic and conditioning warm-up, which will strengthen and prepare our bodies for the effort to move into stretching positions in the second part of the module. By using the hammock creatively, we will actively and dynamically flex and strengthen our body. We will make twists and bends, deepen the range of motion in the joints, partially leaning on the floor, flying without contact with it, and also in inverted positions. The exercises that you will learn will improve posture, and motor skills will be a salvation for our tired of sedentary hip-lumbar flexors.
We will end the sessions with relaxation.

15:15-16:00 Lunch break
Take some food with you or come with us to a nearby restaurant for a quick shakshuka.

16:00-18:00 Module 3. Inverted positions and relaxation
A module for beginners and those who already attend our classes, but want to get to know and tame upside down positions (i.e. those with their head down).
We will start with milder versions of inverted positions, where part of our body rests on the floor, and after getting used to them and loosening tensions in the body and any resistances in the head, go to their version one floor higher, i.e. completely detached from the ground and hanging on a hammock. . This module, in addition to the educational function and familiarizing us with the hammock, will also be great for our back, spine, tense shoulders and neck. The session will end with an extended relaxation with elements of massage and aromatherapy.




Signing up is necessary. Please contact me to enroll for the workshops or if you have any questions.

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