It’s already a tradition that we throw an aerial yoga workshop in our studio. We’ve been doing it regularly for a couple of years. It’s always on Sunday, and it’s always exciting!

In this edition, on 12th of February, I’ll have 4 hours, 2 modules of workshops.

February 12, 2023 – Sunday


  • 13:15 – 15:15 – “BALANCE – looking for it on the mat, with a hammock and in life”

    Reversed balances are the goal of many people. This time we will combine work on the mat and in the hammock. We will start with the basics, i.e. breathing and the work of the diaphragm. We will strengthen the core, arms and hands. We will tame the fear of inversion with a few preparatory exercises. You will learn the correct headstand technique. Finally, you will find your balance against the wall and with the help of a hammock.

  • 16:00 – 18:00 – “AERIAL DUETS – couples (not necessarily romantic ones) in the hammock”

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love has more than one name! You can love a friend, and you can also love an aerial. On this occasion, the last module of this edition of the workshop will be duets, during which we will work in pairs. You can sign up as a couple and work in your own pair – persuade a boyfriend or take a friend. Of course, you can also sign up just by yourself. Then we’ll find a pair for you in the room!

    First, we’ll get used to working with other person. The first poses will be on the mat, without hammock. It is a unique opportunity to deepen relationships, strengthen trust and have fun. We will move the next poses to a higher level and into the air. We will do some spectacular hammock poses that are not difficult at all! At the end, I’ll show you how to dance and spin together in the air!

1 module – 100
2 modules – 180
3 modules – 260

*sign up for the 3rd module as a couple and get 10% discount


One must sign up for the workshop. Contact the studio to do so.
+48 880 717 069