After last year huge success of this project, we decide to do it again!

Are you attending aerial yoga or dance in the air classes?

Do you like hanging upside down?

Or maybe… you would like to have a souvenir?

During one of my own photo sessions, when I had a great time posing in a hammock, I came up with an idea of making it possible and easier for others.

Everyone knows that it’s great to have nice photos – to show your friends, your family, your children in 10 years or hide deep in a drawer or in a folder on a computer. However, everything seems difficult – you don’t have a hammock, you don’t know what to buy, you don’t know how to hang it in a safe way, and not to fall off and hurt yourself, you don’t remember how to do all these poses from the classes and most of all – you are afraid how will you look on the photo and who will see them.

I will prepare all this for you as part of my offer. It consists of:

Various locations are available:

  • tree in the park
  • tree directly above the water
  • yoga studio

Don’t worry about the lack of experience in posing. I’ve gone through this as well. It’s much easier with a hammock. You got something to focus on and you don’t stress so much.

If you want, you can choose the photos you like. No one but you and us will see these photos unless you decide to show them to the world yourself!

Do you think it must be expensive? Not at all!

I want to make it accessible to everyone. The price is:
399 PLN / 100 e

At this price you get:

  • organizing place and equipment
  • certfied instructor to take care of you
  • 1h photoshoot
  • 6 beautiful photos
  • unforgettable experience
  • good fun

Come on, it’ll be fun!

It is also possible to buy the package as a gift. I’ll make a beautiful voucher for you!

To book the photosession or find out more, write to me through IG, FB or send me an email: