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I am glad that I work in the yoga industry, where instead of fighting the competition, people focus on the exchange of knowledge and experience between studios.

I have been running thematic workshops for a long time and I really like this format of work. Classes are longer and all circle around one topic on which I can fully focus. Participants leave the classroom tired, but with clear instructions how to continue working with the topic on their own. Often they also get extra materials.

Today, I also offer workshops in other studios.

My yoga specialization is aerial yoga and in this area I suggest topics:

  • sun salutation and its twists with a hammock
  • hatha yoga standing positions with a hammock
  • balance and handstand with the support of a hammock
  • strengthening the core and/or arms

And besides yoga:

  • basic acrobatics in a hammock
  • smooth sequences, that is, your first dance in the air
  • acro-aerial, i.e. acrobatic duets in a hammock and/or hammocks

All of the above topics are my own modules developed during hundreds of hours spent in a hammock. Both during classes with many teachers, running my own aerial yoga classes and own training.

I clearly separate aerial yoga from aerial dancing. If the studio is only interested in a yogic look at a hammock, I don’t go beyond this framework in my workshops.

Besides hammock yoga, I am also a hatha and vinyasa yoga teacher. The “Find your balance” workshops is my great success and I am proud of it. As part of this topic, I suggest 4 modules, so far divided into 2 workshop days:

  • “Just getting started”
  • “I’m already standing on my head”
  • “Let the Core Burn”
  • “Try to lift your up”

These workshops are held in a yoga style. A dynamic warm-up with character fits in with vinyasa yoga.

I don’t get on my head quickly. Instead, the emphasis is on preparation and empowerment for the sirasana position. The first module is for everyone. I work with respect for each body and within its ranges. I suggest preparatory exercises that will tame fear and teach you to enter the pose gently. I calm down and explain that there is no need to try to get into the full position of standing on your head. The workshop is valuable even without it. In the following parts, I show you how to do standing on the head in the correct way and what to pay attention to in order to make this position safe. I teach two headstand techniques and different ways of getting into a position. I also suggest exercises “up in the air” that will consolidate and bring your Sirasana to a higher level. Finally, of course, there is some relaxation and stretching of the body parts, which worked mostly during the workshop.

I am also open to other topics and projects. I have a lot of marketing materials that can be used to promote the event.

Feel free to contact me!