I invite you to begin your journey of aerial yoga with me!

What is it?

Aerial yoga (also known as antigravity or fly yoga) is a type of yoga which uses a silk hammock or yoga swing that is suspended from the ceiling. It combines traditional yoga with moves inspired by pilates, dance and acrobatics. Although most aerial yoga photos you might have seen show a yogi flying in the air, many aerial yoga poses only require you to take one body part such as your foot or leg off the ground.

What is the hammock for?

The fabric helps to enrich the yoga practice by letting us to sink deeper into poses. It helps to intensify stretches and release stress and tensions. Furthermore, the hammock allows to enhance core strength and improve the work on balance and body awareness. The fabric also takes pressure off certain areas of the body like the head and shoulders, allowing you to reach those more challenging poses like inversions, which in classic yoga are reserved only for the advanced practitioners. Going upside-down with hammock become accessible to everyone. Students are able to hold poses longer (and safer) thanks to the absence of weight. That’s how aerial yoga has benefits for decompressing the spine and improving circulation. Also, the hammock allows for modifications of classic asanas, adding variety and creativity to the practice. Aerial Yoga classes are different and may range from a gentle, restorative sessions to an intense workout or choreographies including charming figures.

For who?

Aerial Yoga is recommended for all body types, ages and experience levels. It doesn’t matter if you have been practicing yoga for years or it’s your first experience with any form of yoga. Everything that is done in a class can be modified for all levels.


1 class – 40 zlotys
4 classes / month – 130 zlotys


If you have decided to try, please take a notice to bring a proper clothes. You want to move comfortably, but clothes can’t be too baggy, because it could get caught in the hammock. A long-sleeve top and leggings are ideal. It won’t fall off when you hang upside-down, and it protects the parts of your skin that are sensitive, such as your armpits, lower back, back of the knees, or belly.


Signing up is necessary. Please contact me to enroll for the class or if you have any questions.

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