Aerial workshops, aka Aerial Fest, return to Meli-Melo.
In this edition we have something for complete beginners, and something exciting for those who are already exercising.


12/06/2022, Sunday


– 11:00-13:00 Module 1. Introdution to Aerial Yoga
During this module, we will learn the basic holds and ways of working with the material: placing it on the body, entering it, standing, sitting, lying down. We will tame its impact on our movement apparatus and perception. We will slowly go through the basic positions of warming up, strengthening, stretching and relaxing. We will be confronted with gravity and its influence on us in various planes. We will learn how to exercise with partial support provided by a hammock, but also completely detached from the ground and in an inverted position. We will end the session with a relaxing drift in a hammock.

– 13:15-15:15 Module 2. Introduction to Aerial Dance and Acrobatics
The module is a bit more dynamic and intense, but still for beginners. We recommend it especially together with the first module. We will start with strengthening exercises in the hammock, which will help us prepare our body for slightly more fancy positions and easy acrobatics in the hammock, which will be the subject of the second part of this module. We will end the Aerial stretching session so that our bodies remain supple and flexible and, of course, with drifting relaxation.

15:15-16:00 Lunch break

16:00-18:00 Module 3. Acro-Aerial Yoga. Duets in the hammock
The module on which we will work in pairs. Thanks to hammocks and mutual protection, we will be able to enter safely and in an accessible way into demanding inverted and acrobatic positions. Depending on the level of advancement, it will be possible to get used to them, or to develop the quality and independence of their performance, or to introduce modifications. Some of the positions in hammocks will be designed for one person exercising and a belayer, and some so that both people can take in one exercise and work on the development of their body and skills at the same time. In addition, the bodies arranged in such aerial acro poses look phenomenal and spectacular. An additional advantage is that in pairs and in a hammock, they are surprisingly easy to reach.




Signing up is necessary. Please contact me to enroll for the workshops or if you have any questions.

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